Round 4


Harrison Park

Parkes Hotel FC Women


Super Cellars


Player of the Match

16. Natasha Hodges

Parkes Hotel Football Club v Super Cellars

The game started off pretty even with no score for most of the first half. We talked heaps, passed well – even lots of back passes to shift play from one side of the field to the other. We largely dominated play and had several good shots on goal, but couldn’t quite hit the target. Late in the first half, they scored on a centre pass that they managed to slide between our defenders after valiant defence attempts. Shortly after that we nearly equalised with a massive left hook from Haylz that only just sailed over the far top corner.
Second half started off with a few unfortunate events in quick succession. First, an unintentional handball, a wall, a kick that sailed over the wall and was shot into the back of the net. Not much we could do about that. Second, a corner that was converted and now we were down 0-3. But in true PHFC form we didn’t give up. We kept our structure. We kept the chatter up. We kept passing and some amazing football resulted. A shift in positioning put Tash into the midfield and it was a good good move. She raced up the centre, stepped around some defenders and blasted one in the back of the net. Now it was 1-3. And PHFC kept going! After many attempts when Trude and Em were caught off side, we got another! Greta took a free kick and popped it just over the defence line and Haylz shot on target and now it was 2-3. Some frenetic scrambles ensued, but the clock was against us and we couldn’t get the equaliser. But it was a good game! Our head spectator, Heather, said it was awesome.
A few highlights and fun moments:
• Skye took a good defensive header and stopped a number of attacks down the side and sent passes back up the line.
• Esther calmly and adeptly did many turns and controlled play and kept following play even when really tired.
• We were frequently first to the ball and stole the play away from the opposition. We had the energy and the passion and it was fun to holler out the team chant after several games without a chanting captain.
• Lane (aka Fitzy) lived up to her claim to be brave and got right into the middle of play many times and held her own – go rookie!
• Trude and Em had many breakaway runs and got close or set up close shots a number of times.
• Kath and Greta were sucking down the Ventolin on return from illness, but it was noticed by many that Kath had more endurance in the second half – perhaps she cleared up a few things during the half time break?
• Stace did an awesome run back to defend and dug deep to find an extra burst of speed to burn the opposition.
• Ass Ass coach Hando collected our stats and called out encouragement.
• Greta managed a side tackle to shut down an attack by the speedy striker that was LEGAL! It was all ball and no foul! Not like the shocker she pulled on Kath two years ago before Kath saw the light and joined the best club ever.
We’d like to thank the officals for making good calls and keeping the game clean!