Round B1


Harrison Park

Super Cellars


Parkes Hotel FC Women


Player of the Match

. Lane Birmingham

Super Cellars v Parkes Hotel Football Club

It was the first game post grading and we were short-staffed, but put up a good fight! With one sub, thanks to Dani for playing for the second weekend in a row, we had short stints off the field and long stints running on field. We put up 12 players and all 12 received votes for the players’ player. Jacinta was runner up and Ainsley took the prize for her calm and consistent turns and challenges up the line. It was awesome to have “Ryan Grant” on hand after a week off. Ains (Ryan Grant) made a number of steals and turns up her side of the field.

In fact, it was awesome to have our tight back-line intact. Ains, Tash, Kath, and Jacinta make a force with which to be reckoned. They seem to read each other and know how to cover, when to send one charging up in attack, and when to press and trap in the classic scissor move for which Kath and Tash are fast becoming famous. All four have such good ball control – able to throw out a leg to catch a ball on the volley, or side step around charging attackers, or make massive kicks up the side-line. Kath did another one of her famous “swivel hip” shots: while running back and side-ways, she managed to pull of a hard kick that flew up the side-line parallel to it and only 30cm from it.

In the Mids we had Lane, Stacey, Dani, Greta, Skye and Bec (though Bec did spend some of the game assisting Haylz as striker). Skye was put on one of their players and doggedly marked her all over the field. She effectively took her out of play. Dani and Lane were awesome with their running and never giving up. Lane’s running earned her the Player of the match. Coach Dan said she seemed to always be in the play at just the right time.

It was a game of headers! Skye is aptly named as she was often sending her head skyward to take the ball. Kath was in her element, holding the forwards with her body position and then jumping above them to take the ball on the bounce. Bec took headers as did Greta who took one from out of the goalie’s hand – a long high ball! Bec also worked out how the ref was calling the shots and deliberately didn’t play at a ball after a Super Cellar handballed it so that the ref would have to award the free kick instead of playing advantage. Bec’s game awareness is pretty awesome.

We dominated play with our passing and talking and spent most of the first half in the attacking end of the field, but just couldn’t quite find the back of the net. Haylz had several good cracks at goal and we had numerous corners that sailed through, but just couldn’t get enough on it to send them into the net. In contrast the Super Cellars scored once on a break-away run in the first half and once later in the second half on a corner-kick melee…though there was some controversy (was the shooter offside??). Our most notable chance was early in the first half on a ball put through by Greta. Haylz valiantly charged after it, and nearly got it, having to dive over the goalie at the last possible moment to avoid a collision. Haylz did avoid the goalie, but fair dove onto the ground much like a dolphin leaping into the sea. Amazingly, she shook herself off and went back to running!

It was good to have Heather watching from the sideline and Esther back with us too. The PHFC family was back together and even though we didn’t win, we had a good game. Go PHFC!