Round 11


Harrison Park

Parkes Hotel FC Women


Forbes 2


Player of the Match

20. Lauren Chester

Parkes Hotel Football Club v Forbes 2

It was the final round before grading and the PHFC girls were hungry for the win. The game started off slowly with Forbes 2 running short on players. PHFC won the toss and elected to run with the wind for the first half and the game clock was started. Play didn’t start until some 7-10 minutes into game time when the Forbes ranks swelled from 6 to 8. Over the first 15 minutes of the game a few more Forbes players joined, and the game was on in earnest!

Just before the game was due to start, Coach Dan was called to move his vehicle and we learned that our main spectator Heather was watching the start of the game from the back of an ambulance. Stacey stayed with her until it was clear she was out of danger and arrived just in time to see Haylz open the score account with a powerful shot from the left. Two more goals followed before half time – both put in by Lauren.

The second half opened 3-0 and the wind picked up even harder! Zarna was forced to roll out more balls instead of kicking from the hand. Tash and Jacinta also took a hand at taking goal kicks to try to overcome the wind. Zarna tried to keep most of her kicks out of hand low so they wouldn’t get caught. Stacey called for one in the mids and Zarna tried to send it sailing toward her, but before it could get to her, the ball took a sharp turn to the right and sailed out of the field of play. Zarna also felt the power of the wind on the receiving end too! One of the Forbes shots on goals rocketed into her midsection with wind turbo speed and despite her best attempts to hold it, bounced back out. Zee-Dawg was forced to dive on it to shut down the attack.

Despite the wind aiding the Forbes attack, PHFC held Forbes to zero and even managed to put in a fourth goal. The fourth came about 15 min into the second half on the back of Skye’s battle rage streak. Skye was thoroughly hyped up from several challenges, and this time charged, blocked the opposition kick, trapped the ball, chipped it over the back line and into the path of a waiting Lauren who streaked off into the wind and scored! You should have heard Skye yell then – “that’s the way we like it PHFC!”
As the game wore on the Forbes players started to get snarky with each other as their best efforts remained fruitless. We, on the hand, grew bolder. Jacinta took a free kick from just over the half-way line and nearly scored. Stacey with her frenzied yelling, “come on, give her someone”, every time we had a throw in gave the team a lift. Kath went for a run well up the pitch and sent in a cross. The on-field talk was awesome. Dani was on fire running and running. Greta had a head cold and got clobbered a few times, but Kath kept up a steady stream of instructions to help her figure out where to run and whom to mark. Jacinta ran up to help attack and ran back to help defend. We were on fire!

Players’ player was hotly contested with Skye and Kath close runners up. However, it was Lauren with her second hattrick who took out the vote. Player of the match was awarded to Jacinta with her super boot for her tireless efforts. Go girls!