Round B3


Harrison Park

Parkes Hotel FC Women


Railway Hotel Boilers


Parkes Hotel Football Club v Railway Hotel Boilers

Round three of graded play dawned upon a small but enthusiastic group of PHFC players. Only 9 of us were available to take the field – our ranks reduced by school holiday activities, travels abroad, and injuries. Trudy returned from her time away a bit nervous about running on after so long a break from soccer, but it was a good game for her return! Esther and Greta watched from the sideline with various degrees of injured and recovering knees. Mal and Batty kept up a running commentary on the game, sometimes trying to distract Gordo from his coaching duties with their jokes. Heather and the Chesters Senior – our faithful cheer squad – cheered well. Greta, frustrated at not being able to run brought along her camera and snapped 849 photos of the play with her zoom lens. After some effort this plethora of images has been reduced to a manageable, but still whopping, 330 moments of glory. Players can access these photos via the link on the PHFC chat, or by requesting a new copy of the link from Greta.

What a game!! We had 9 and they had 8 (well they started with 7, but not long after kick-off they gained their 8th player). We were refereed by Bishop – by the book – and with LOTS of free kicks, a yellow card to one Boiler (for a late tackle on Lauren) and three penalty shots (all awarded to us ☺). The first penalty came early in the game and Lauren deftly put the ball into the right side down low…but alas…our team broke too early and we had to retake the penalty. This one was batted away but Loz ran in for the second effort off the rebound and scored. That was the beginning of what was to be a double hattrick! Did you hear that? Loz found the back the of net 6 times!

Next to score was Stacey from the left side after working the ball in from the side. You should have heard Stacey yell, “you all owe me a beer – I scored!”. The triumph in her voice was clear and the joy of her team-mates genuine. With the score 2-0, our team started to look confident and many, many opportunities were set up and shots taken. Below is a listing of some of the highlights.

•Tash set Lauren up for her second goal. This goal came on the back of several unsuccessful attempts, so this time Lauren carried the ball right up to Caitlyn and waited for her jump to block it and then slid the ball in underneath her just before she hit the ground.

•A bit later Lauren had another shot – this time, she tried to take in with her left foot, but didn’t have the power. The ball bounced back to Stacey who shot it smartly inside the left poll and now Stacey had 2! Can you guess what she yelled next? “You all owe me two beers now”.

•Haylz showed extreme ball control with a sense of calm and poise as she held up the play to draw player after player. After stepping neatly around 4 different defenders she sent a rocketing pass right in front of Lauren who dropped in her third. Well set up Haylz!

•At half time we were up 5-0 and coach Dan told us to double that score in the second half. Well, it didn’t take long to make a start on that. Shortly after kick-off PHFC sent a through ball rolling into space and Lauren chased it down to make it 4 personal goals and the score 6-0.

•Next came a team goal. It started with Trudy in the mid-field who carried down, passed it off to Lauren who centred to Kath who put it in just along the left-hand edge of goal. Go Kath! Now it was 7-0.

•Then started a section of play where it seemed our shots went close, but just wide, or just high. Haylz put in several masterful shots which just missed. Other PHFC players hungry for a shot had a crack too.

•Trudy took a hand in defence as well as in attack and there are photos of her running, kicking, heading, and charging in to grab the ball.

•Jacinta took a number of corner kicks and free kicks with her “big boot” and was unlucky not to score on some of her shots.

•Then, after a rare Boiler attack on our end of the field, our solid back line stole the ball and sent it passing up the field for Lauren to get her 5th!

•Speaking of the backline, Tash was rock solid as usual and very ‘sprinty’ whenever the Boilers sent through a heavy touch. There are many photos of her racing into space, reaching the ball, turning, with hair whipping around her face to look upfield as she selected which PHFC player was going to receive her pass. Tash did venture upfield a few times with skilful runs but opted to stay in backs and set up goals instead of joining the attack line.

•The Boilers, feeling a tad desperate about the growing goal difference tried playing one of their backs in the goal box with Caitlyn. We were delighted! This now meant we virtually couldn’t be caught off-side! Coach Dan sent Jacinta and Skye up to try to shoot since the threat of offside was greatly reduced and many joyous “almost” moments were had. Lots of cheering. Lots of passing. Lots of fun.

•Too their credit, the Boilers never gave up and they stayed good natured about the passage of play. Perhaps some of Skye’s jokes kept their spirits up? Skye did reduce several Boilers to a giggling mess just as we were taking a series of corners with her quips.

•Another benefit of having a defender in the goal box was that this player couldn’t pick up the ball and was forced to knee it, bump it, kick it or head it out. That resulted in LOTS of rebound opportunities!! Laruen found one of these bouncers and made her personal tally 6 and the overall score went up to 9-0.

•Zarna got a bit bored – though GG does have photographic evidence she touched the ball with her hands twice – and started to run out as an attacking defender. Several times she ended up quite far from her goal (we have photographic evidence of that too!).

•Kath took a header off a corner rebound, but it went straight to the goalie. Go Kath! Getting skills! Her second header attempt had more power…keep reading.

•Skye had a couple of shots and followed through a number of rebounding balls. She nearly scored several times. Plus we have photographic evidence of Skye doing a header and catching the ball on her chest! She is fast becoming known for both those moves.

•Somewhere in the second half Hayley tried to stop the ball with her torso and got winded – you could hear the “whoosh” from the sideline (hunt for the photo where Haylz is doubled over as the ball bounced back).☺

•After setting up a number of goals and just missing a few more, Skittles got one in! It was a long shot, but with power and from the left side. Go Haylz! And now the score was 10-0.

•Right near the end, Kath almost made her tally two! She took a corner kick on the full on her head – and she didn’t just bump it – she aimed it with power. Unfortunately, she just missed, but it was an awesome thing to watch and listen to (ball to head made a big noise, and yes, we have a photo sequence of that too!!).

There you have it! That was the game! 9 players took the field and 8 players received votes in the Players’ Player vote in a fairly even distribution. It was a good ‘teamwork’ game. Sorry, Z-Dawg, you just didn’t get enough ball time (a bit harsh, I know) to get the votes. Players’ Player went to Stacey on 10 votes. Well played Stace on your two goals!! Player of the match went to Kath who seemed to always be in the play, or near the play or setting up the play. Well done on your two headers.